Rajavi urges leaders of Islamic countries not to attend Tehran summit

On the eve of the summit of the leaders of member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Tehran, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, urged them not to attend this gathering. He warned that Iran's ruling mullahs will take advantage of the summit to legitimize their suppressive, terrorist and fundamentalist policies.

Mr. Rajavi added: How could the summit of the OIC leaders be convened in a country whose rulers have been involved for nearly two decades in bloodletting, fratricide, creating discord in the ranks of Muslims and export of chaos and insecurity to other Islamic countries, against the sublime teachings of Islam and its great prophet?

The NCR President pointed out that in the four months since Khatami has taken office, at least 65 persons have been hanged or stoned to death in public, 18 Iranians have been assassinated abroad, popular uprisings have been turned into bloodbath across the country and thousands have been arrested and placed on the death row. At the same time, the clerical regime violated the United Nations Resolution 598 on September 29, and bombed two basecamps of the Iranian Resistance in the no-fly zones on Iraqi soil. Mr. Rajavi concluded that the mullahs will take advantage of the Islamic Conference to undermine Islamic solidarity and to further their atrocities under the name of Islam.

Mullah Hassan Rowhani, the mullahs' Majlis deputy speaker and secretary of the Supreme National Security Council openly warned dissidents and said, "Our awakened people will suppress dissent even in the presence of the guests at the Islamic Conference."

Mr. Rajavi said: The summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference is being held in Tehran while a fierce power struggle is raging at the highest leadership levels and the conflicts within the regime have reached a point of no return. The suppressive Guards attacked Montazeri, Khomeini's former successor, and other dissident clergymen and inflicted damage on their homes and teaching quarters. Khamenei, the mullahs' leader, threatened all "traitors to Islam and the Revolution" with prosecution and punishment. Nevertheless, the power struggle among the mullahs continues to escalate.

The Leader of the Iranian Resistance recalled the resolution adopted last week by the UN General Assembly's Third Committee, condemning the violations of human rights and export of terrorism by the Iranian regime. He noted: "Under such circumstances, in order to acquire legitimacy and international standing, the criminal rulers of Iran are in dire need as never before of the participation of Islamic countries' leaders in the Tehran summit.

Mr. Rajavi reiterated: Beset by internal crises and incapable of countering the nationwide resistance, death tolls are sounding for the Khomeini regime. The boycott of this conference by the leaders of Islamic countries is a sign of Islamic solidarity with the enchained people of Iran and a measure which would prevent the mullahs from creating discord in the ranks of the Muslims.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 3, 1997

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