People in Isfahan clash with Guards

Reports received from Iran say that following the victory of IranÕs soccer team in Australia on Saturday, November 29, the youth in Isfahan clashed with the regimeÕs suppressive forces in various parts of the city.

These reports indicate that streets in Isfahan were blocked from 3:00 PM until the late hours of Saturday as the State Security Forces were unable to control the crowd.

In Koohsofeh, a recreation area in Isfahan, the Guards and anti-riot personnel assaulted the public with batons in clashes that lasted from 9:00 PM to mid-night. The crowd was dispersed only after a large number of youths were arrested. During the clashes, many vehicles of the Guards were turned upside down and many of them were attacked by rocks.

According to reports from other cities, including Mashhad, Tehran, Kermanshah and Shiraz, the regime has raided peopleÕs homes in recent days and arrested many people in order to maintain control.

Fearing unrest in the capital, the mullahsÕ Supreme National Security Council has assigned the Guards Corps with the task of providing security for the summit of the Organization of Islamic Conference in Tehran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 4, 1997

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