19th dissident assassinated abroad during Khatami's tenure

Wednesday, December 3, terrorists dispatched by the Iranian mullahs' regime assassinated Seyyed Jamal Nikjouyan, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, in Kouysenjaq, Iraqi Kurdistan.

He was the 19th dissident assassinated on Iraqi territory since Khatami has taken office.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran again draws the attention of the international community to the clerical regimes' terrorist activities and freedom of action in Iraqi Kurdistan. It calls for the condemnation of the mullahs' terrorist crimes against Iranian dissidents, particularly in Iraq.

The time has come for the United Nations Security Council to adopt binding decisions and to prevent Iran's criminal rulers from taking advantage of the international community's silence and inaction to continue their repression at home and export terrorism abroad.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 5, 1997

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