Rajavi welcomes non-participation of majority of leaders of Muslim countries in Tehran's summit

On the eve of the summit of the Organization of Islamic Conference in Tehran, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, welcomed the fact that many of the heads of Islamic states were not taking part in the summit and called on other Islamic leaders to do the same.

In two letters on April 17 and October 3, Mr. Rajavi had urged the leaders of Islamic countries not to participate in the summit in Tehran.

Mr. Rajavi said: The mullahs are engulfed in intensifying power struggle and incapable of confronting the growing nationwide Resistance. They are therefore in dire need, as never before, of exploiting the summit of the Organization of Islamic Conference to legitimize their repressive and fundamentalist policies. The clerical regime has to date been condemned 41 times by various organs of the United Nations for flagrant violations of human rights and export of terrorism.

The NCR President added: How could the summit of the OIC leaders be held in a country whose rulers have been involved for nearly two decades in bloodletting, fratricide, creating discord in the ranks of Muslims and export of chaos and insecurity to other Islamic countries, contrary to the sublime teachings of Islam and its great prophet?

Only four months since Khatami has taken office, at least 65 persons have been hanged or stoned to death in public, and 19 Iranian dissidents have been assassinated abroad by terrorists dispatched by the clerical regime, Mr. Rajavi added.

The summit of Islamic heads of state is being held in Tehran while a fierce power struggle is raging at the highest leadership levels and the society is in an explosive state. The regime's officials are extremely concerned about the security of the conference and the guests. Not only have they given the task of maintaining the capital's security to the Guards Corps, but have also announced an official four-day holiday. By imposing this de facto curfew, the regime's officials are trying to prevent all public traffic and transportation. Despite these measures, a dissident disrupted the regime's heavily protected Friday prayers yesterday in Tehran and embarrassed the officials.

The leader of the Iranian Resistance emphasized: While the death tolls are sounding for the Khomeini regime, the boycott of this conference by the leaders of Islamic countries reflects Islamic solidarity with the enchained people of Iran and prevents the mullahs from creating discord among Muslims.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 6, 1997

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