Spying on foreign reporters in Tehran, preventing trips to Qom

The regime's Ministry of Intelligence is doing it utmost to prevent foreign reporters from gaining access to the realities of the Iranian society.

According to reports from Iran, the regime has instructed the majority of foreign reporters to leave Tehran immediately after the summit of the Organization of Islamic Conference. As for the rest of the journalists, the regime has planned to fill their time by guided tours, so that they would not have any time left for other activities.

The Ministry of Intelligence has allocated considerable resources to control foreign reporters and prevent any form of contact between them and the regime's opponents or the Resistance forces. To the same end, the regime has issued instructions for taxi drivers to report to the authorities the name, address, and route of foreign reporters who take their cabs.

The reporters have reportedly asked to go to Qom and meet with dissident clergymen. Meanwhile, the regime has imposed more restrictions on Montazeri, former successor to Khomeini, making it impossible to contact or visit him. Montazeri's comments against Khamenei in recent weeks escalated the power struggle within the regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 8, 1997

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