Residents in some north Tehran areas forced to evacuate their houses

In order to maintain maximum control over the area surrounding the site of the summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the regime has forced residents in those areas to leave their houses from Monday to Thursday.

Residents of an extensive area in north Tehran who live on the route to the Palace of Conferences were ordered to leave their houses. The area includes Hemmat Expressway, Argentina Square, all the roads leading to the Africa Expressway and the Baihaqi Square. Residents of these areas were ordered to move in temporarily with their relatives in other cities or to stay in hotels. Their houses have been sealed and locked up.

At the same time, trade unions have ordered the shop owners and tradesmen in these areas to close down their shops.

These unprecedented measures are due to the public's hatred toward the regime and the mullahs' fear of popular protests. Previously, the regime had preposterously claimed that the security of the conference would be maintained with the help of the general public.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 10, 1997

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