UN General Assembly strongly condemns mullahs' rights abuses
International community acknowledges Tehran regime not prone to reform

Commenting on the condemnation by the fifty-second session of the United Nations General Assembly of human rights violations in Iran, National Council of Resistance President Massoud Rajavi said: By adopting this resolution, the world community has acknowledged that Iran's ruling regime cannot reform itself and that the notion of moderation within this regime is but a mirage. The clerical regime's factions, Mr. Rajavi said, are in no way different from one another as regards suppression and export of terrorism. The Iranian Resistance has been underscoring this fact for the last 16 years, he recalled.

The adoption of this resolution, only one day after the summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Tehran, shows that the mullahs have failed in their desperate efforts to take advantage of the OIC summit to conceal their atrocities against the Iranian people.

The NCR President added: 66 cases of stoning and public hangings, assassination of 24 opponents abroad, suppression and widespread arrest of dissident clergy and theology students during Khatami's four months in office, indicate that the criminal mullahs do not have the interest or the power to take a single step back from all-out repression.

Mr. Rajavi said: After 41 censures of the mullahs by UN's different organs, the time has come for the Security Council to impose sanctions on this regime for its atrocities at home and abroad, and to hand over Iran's seats at the UN to the NCR which represents the majority of the Iranian people.

The General Assembly resolution condemned "the large and increasing number of executions," torture and inhuman punishment, "stoning, amputation and public executions," discrimination against religious minorities, and "the lack of full and equal enjoyment of women of human rights." It instructs the clerical regime to take effective measures to eliminate all discriminations against women in law and in practice, and "refrain from violence against members of the Iranian opposition living abroad."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 13, 1997

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