Khamenei rejected any rapprochement with West

In an unexpected appearance in Tehran's Friday prayer, Khamenei, leader of the mullahs' regime, rejected all forms of rapprochement with the West and the United States. Khamenei said the enemy wanted to propagate "an incorrect and illogical action towards the Arrogant front," which is not true.

That one faction within the regime is inclined to improve ties with the United States, Khamenei said, is a notion disseminated by the Arrogant powers' propaganda machine to encourage themselves.

The remarks yesterday by Khamenei reaffirmed that export of terrorism, crisis and fundamentalism continue to remain the inviolable principles of the mullahs' foreign policy. Khamenei rejected the propaganda of some western circles about the inclination of the mullahs' regime or some factions within it to moderation and coexistence. Such propaganda only prepare the grounds for further repression inside the country and export of terrorism abroad. In many cases, therefore, the regime's leaders and officials encourage this notion in the statements intended for foreign consumption.

Khamenei also acknowledged widespread feuding within the regime and the Iranian public's discontent. By comparing the situation of the regime to the final days of Ceausescu, Khamenei revealed his fear of the overthrow of the clerical regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 3, 1998

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