Widespread arrests of youths in Iran's border areas

Iran's ruling theocracy arrests disenchanted youths who try to leave the country through various borders to escape prevalent repression in Iran. Accusing those arrested of espionage, the regime subsequently tortures and executes them.

International news agencies and the press yesterday cited the clerical regime in announcing that the "authorities have arrested seven people in southeastern Iran on suspicion of espionage." The same sources added that the regime also arrested "an 18-year-old sympathizer" of the Mojahedin by the name of Abdollah. According to the regime, he had tried to cross the border in Ilam province and join the group. The regime also acknowledged that ten persons had been arrested in Ilam since March for trying to sneak across the border to join the Mojahedin.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of international human rights organizations to the rampant arrests of youths in the Iranian border regions and calls for immediate action to save their lives. The National Council of Resistance of Iran also urges the representatives of human rights organizations to conduct direct interviews with those arrested and investigate the regime's claims and allegations.

Other news from Iran indicate that nearly 1,000 Iranian students staged a six-hour-long protest at the site of one of Tehran University's dormitories, on North Amirabad Avenue, west Tehran. They protested the regime's repressive policies and serious shortages, and chanted slogans against the clerical regime. Guards Corps units were dispatched to clamp down on protesters, but strong public support for the students prevented the Guards from achieving their goal.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 7, 1997

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