Mullahs' regime about to mass produce long-range missiles

According to reliable reports from Resistance sources in Iran, the clerical regime has acquired long-range missiles and is about to begin its production.

The missile christened Zelzal, has a range of 1,400 kms (875 miles). It was called Shahab2 and Shahab3 in different stages of its development. Zelzal is basically modelled after Scud E missile and can carry a one-ton warhead. Presently, the regime has fitted the missiles with conventional warheads, but the mullahs' military industries are vigorously searching for chemical warheads. In recent years, Tehran has made a large stockpile of chemical weapons.

The project is run by the missile section of the Department of Defense Industries. Guards Corps Brigadier Manteqi is in charge of the project which is based at Hemmat industrial Complex outside Tehran, with more than 400 personnel.

To acquire this missile and its production technology, the mullahs enjoy the close cooperation of North Korea and China. At present, dozens of Korean and Chinese experts are working at Hemmat Industrial Complex.

Latest information indicates that the regime has sent 350 of the presonnel from different sections working on the missile to North Korea to receive training.

The clerical regime has so far spent $1.2 billion on this missile project.

With access to this type of weaponry, the mullahs' regime will be able to target all the capitals in the Middle East. The clerical regime believes this to be a strategic weapon, necessary for imposing its domination on the region.

The dimensions of this project clearly indicate the nature and goals of the foreign policy of Iran's fundamentalist regime, namely terrorism and crisis-mongering.

The National Council of Resistance reiterates the need to impose economic and diplomatic sanctions on this medieval regime. Placating the mullahs will only embolden them to step up their build up of weapons of mass destruction, and continue their outlaw practices such as repression, export of terrorism, and fundamentalism.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 9, 1998

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