At least 116 students arrested in Tehran

Following an anti-government demonstration by more than 3,000 Tehran University students, the mullahs' Ministry of Intelligence arrested at least 116 of them, reports from Iran say. Their fate is unknown.

State Security Forces have surrounded the student dormitories and closely control all roads leading to Kouy-e Daneshgah, where the protests erupted.

On January 4, Tehran University students staged a six-hour protest at Kouy-e Daneshgah, in North Amirabad Ave. (west Tehran), chanted "Death to Despotism," shattered the windows of the dormitory's administrative building, and blocked the roads in much of the surrounding areas. The clerical regime dispatched Guards Corps units to clamp down on protesters, but did not manage to do so due to strong public support for the students.

Reports from Iran indicate that in the ensuing days, the Ministry of Intelligence secretly arrested those students suspected of having organized the demonstrations and of active opposition to the regime.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran calls on international human rights organizations and bodies to intervene immediately to save the lives of the arrested students facing torture and execution.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 13, 1998

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