Mullahs approve unlimited powers for "Organization of Islamic Communications" to expand terrorism

To step up its terrorist and fundamentalist activities abroad, Iran's clerical regime approved unlimited powers for the "Organization of Islamic Communications," one of the main organs tasked with export of terrorism, reports from Iran say.

The Supreme National Security Council, headed by Mohammad Khatami, the mullahs' president, recently ratified extraordinary budget and resources for the Organization of Islamic Communications. The measure is intended to expand the number of companies, libraries and cultural houses abroad where the clerical regime attracts potential terrorists, then trains and recruits them in its networks, and organizes them for terrorist operations and fundamentalist activities.

According to the decision of the SNSC, the regime's Foreign Ministry ensures unrestricted travel for members and agents of this organization abroad in the guise of reporters and cultural attach'es. Export and import of all goods and cargoes related to this organization are exempt from customs' control and inspections.

To prevent revelation of the terrorist activities of this organization abroad and its criminal activities inside the country, the Organization of Islamic Communications is accountable to no one but the mullahs' supreme leader, Khamenei, and the Supreme National Security Council.

The Organization of Islamic Communications is headed by mullah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri, and owns many companies and representative offices in France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, and other European and Islamic countries. In the past, too, the mullahs' regime carried out its terrorist operations in the Middle East and on the international level with the assistance and backing of this organization.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 16, 1998

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