Large group of candidates for Majlis interim elections disqualified

The Council of Guardians disqualified a large group of candidates, including those nominated by the regime's allies and internal factions, for the interim elections of the mullahs' Majlis.

Among those eliminated were Ibrahim Yazdi and Hashem Sabbaghian, candidates of the "Freedom Movement", and the candidates nominated by the "Union of the Associations of intellectuals and professors." Last Fall, this union called for restricting the powers of the vali-e faqih (the supreme leader) to the terms stated in the regime's constitution.

This development is another indication that expecting reform in the mullahs' illegitimate dictatorship is but a mirage. Contrary to his sloganeering about the "rule of law", Khatami has neither the desire nor the power to implement the regime's own "constitution."

The action by the Council of Guardians deals another blow to those who have pinned hope on change or "free elections" in this regime. Iran's theocratic regime cannot tolerate the slightest opposition even by some of its internal factions.

"Inherently opposed to citizen's rights, the velayat-e faqih regime is incapable of any reform or opening," the NCR declared in its resolution on October 1, 1998. Any effort to "reform this despotic and medieval regime or negotiate or compromise with it" will "bring nothing for its advocates" and "runs counter to the best interests of the Iranian nation and its genuine aspirations to achieve freedom," the statement had stressed.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 18, 1998

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