In its first resolution after Khatami's election, European Parliament condemns human rights abuses in Iran
EP calls for increased and progressively stronger pressure on Tehran regime

"Noting the absence of positive steps by Tehran" to improve the human rights situation and refrain from export of terrorism, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling on member states "to elaborate ways and means to bring increased and progressively stronger pressure to bear upon the authorities in Tehran."

The National Council of Resistance of Iran urges the European Union to take up this resolution in its deliberations during the upcoming EU session in Brussels. It also calls on the EU to adopt a decisive policy against the Khomeini regime and not allow Iran's criminal rulers to take advantage of placating policies to step up and expand their repression in Iran and export of terrorism abroad.

This is the first resolution on Iran adopted by the European Parliament after Khatami's election. "Whereas human rights continue to be seriously violated in Iran, including a large number of executions, stoning, torture and persecution of religious and ethnic minorities," the EP "condemns the repeated human rights violations in Iran and calls on the Iranian regime to comply with international human rights standards."

In this resolution, the EP also "deplores" the fact that the mullahs' Foreign Minister has endorsed the fatwa to murder Salman Rushdie and "proposals for an increased reward for his death." It "strongly urges" Tehran's clerical regime to "make a written declaration that it will not carry out the fatwa."

Last week, the mullahs' Prosecutor General, the Guards Corps, the Speaker of the Majlis, the Foreign Ministry, and many government-affiliated foundations and associations confirmed the validity of Rushdie's murder decree and called for the implementation of this anti-human and anti-Islamic fatwa.

Statements by the regime's officials on the need to kill Rushdie, just as the elimination of their closest allies from the list of nominees for the Majlis' interim elections, reaffirm the fact that the mullahs' medieval regime is devoid of the least capacity to change or reform, and that it can only survive through domestic repression and export of terrorism.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 19, 1998

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