Punishments increased two to ten-fold

The clerical regime's Prosecutor General, Morteza Moqtadaii, announced yesterday that punishment of drug traffickers has been increased between two to ten-fold. The mullahs have embarked on widespread arrests and executions on the charge of drug trafficking to step up repression and atmosphere of terror in society. Yet, the regime's most senior officials are directly involved in the distribution and trade of drugs.

In recent weeks, officials have repeatedly warned of intensified repression in society. Last Friday, mullah Zarandi, the Friday prayer leader of Kermanshah (western Iran) announced: "The Judiciary should bring several to city squares and chop off their hands to set examples for others. There should be stoning as well... By stoning them and chopping off their hands, I promise that the society will be rectified."

Other reports from Iran indicate that the presence of the Guards Corps, the State Security Forces, and Intelligence Ministry agents has increased five-fold in Tehran and other cities. Street controls and searches of ordinary people have been stepped up dramatically.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of international human rights organizations to stepped-up repression and human rights abuses and to the increase in the number of cruel punishments in Iran. It calls for the condemnation of the medieval dictatorship ruling Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 27, 1998

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