More executions in Iran

Four men were hanged in public in Sari, northern Iran. The executions took place in the beginning of March under the pretext of punishing drug traffickers.

A few days earlier, the clerical regime's Prosecutor General had announced that the punishment for drug traffickers had increased between two to ten-fold.

While the highest officials are directly involved in consumption, trade and distribution of drugs, the mullahs seek to step up repression by widespread arrests and executions under the pretext of drug trafficking in a bid to curb social protests.

The clerical regime has announced at least 20 executions in the state-run press since the beginning of 1998.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran draws the attention of the UN Human Rights Commission to the dismal situation of human rights and the growing and arbitrary trend of executions in Iran. Last year, the mullahs' anti-human regime executed or stoned to death more than 200 people in public.

Representative office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Geneva
March 18, 1998

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