Iranian people's fundamental rights must not be sacrificed for political and economic dealings

Iran's clerical regime has launched an extensive campaign since the beginning of 1998 to prevent its condemnation at the current session of the UN Human Rights Commission, reports from Iran say.

The decision was made in the final days of 1997 at a National Security Council meeting stipulating that "every diplomatic effort" be undertaken to achieve this objective. The regime's leaders believe that they can enjoy the cooperation of some European co untries, particularly France, Italy and Germany, because these countries need to "remove this psychological obstacle in their public opinion" to be able to expand their economic and diplomatic ties with the Iranian regime.

The Foreign Ministry was thus assigned to raise the subject with the ambassadors of the said countries in Tehran as well as with the officials of these countries in the relevant capitals. The issue was also included in discussions with the Italian Foreign Minister during his visit to Tehran (date). It is said in the regime's Foreign Ministry that the issue will also be discussed with the German Foreign Ministry officials, as well as with the speaker of the Italian Parliament during their upcoming trips to Tehran.

The Court of Berlin released a document a few days ago according to which "the President, the head of the Secret Service (VEVAK), the Foreign Minister, and also the head of the Security Service and other organizations" and finally "the Leader of the Revol ution" as "the highest political authority" approved the "mission for murder." Obviously, when a regime so ruthlessly kills its opponents abroad, it will not refrain from any criminal action towards the people inside the country.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the UN Human Rights Commission and all its members to the Khomeini regime's conspiracies and disgraceful dealings. The NCR urges the European countries to adopt a decisive and coordinated stand against this re ligious, terrorist dictatorship and condemn violations of human rights and export of terrorism by the mullahs. The Human Rights Commission must not allow the sacred values of human rights be sacrificed for short term economic interests and political consi derations.

The mullahs have resorted to such schemes while the number of public executions and assassinations of political opponents abroad have taken on new dimensions in the past months, after Khatami took office.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 25, 1998

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