NCR warns against mullahs' dealings with some European countries on human rights violations in Iran

The National Council of Resistance of Iran held a press conference this afternoon in Geneva and warned against deals being clenched by Iran's ruling theocracy with some European countries to compromise on violations of human rights in Iran.

At the same time, 110 parliamentarians from various European countries and 14 non-governmental organizations condemned every form of compromise with the Khomeini regime at the Human Rights Commission and called for condemnation of this anti-human regime.

Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the NCR, told journalists: The regime's delegation at the current session of the UN Human Rights Commission is comprised of agents of the Ministry of Intelligence, the Foreign Ministry, and the regime's Judiciary. To control the situation, Mohammad Yazdi, head of the Judicial Branch, has added his son, Majid Yazdi, to this delegation.

Mr. Mohaddessin added: Some European countries tried to water down the resolution condemning human rights violations in Iran in favor of the clerical regime. The regime's ambassadors in France and Italy held intensive negotiations in the past week with the governments of these two countries to remove the resolution altogether.

The NCR Foreign Affairs chairman said: The clerical regime will prevent the Special Representative's visit to Iran. In a meeting held last week in the presence of Khatami, the mullahs' President, Foreign Minister Kharrazi and Chief of Judiciary Mohammad Yazdi, a future visit by the Special Representative to Iran was made conditional upon the termination of his mandate by the UN General Assembly.

The National Council of Resistance urged the member states of the UN Human Rights Commission to delete those parts in the draft resolution which wrongly lay emphasis on the improvement of human rights situation in Iran. the NCR also called on these countries not to set a new precedent at the Human Rights Commission.

Beset by internal conflicts and incapable of confronting popular protests, the Khomeini regime has resorted to stepping up the repression and export of terrorism.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 15, 1998

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