Workers' protest in Dezful

A large group of unemployed workers staged a protest Sunday, April 26, in front of the Labor Department in Dezful, southwestern Iran, throwing stones and shattering the windows.

Earlier, the Labor Department had referred more than 100 workers to the Raja'i Kesht-o San'at Co. which refused to employ them. After leaving the company, the unemployed workers staged a protest in front of the Labor Department and shattered the windows.

According to other reports from the northeastern province of Khorassan, dozens of coal miners, laid off nine months ago without receiving any compensations, staged a demonstration last week in front of the governor's office in the city of Tabass.

The atmosphere in the city of Najafabad, in the central Iranian province of Isfahan, has also been reported very tense for several consecutive days. Shop owners and bazaar businessmen have continued their strike and have not gone to work, despite the intimidations of the Ministry of Intelligence and the Guards Corps, and the arrest of a group of shop owners and clergy in this city. Owners of a number of factories located in the vicinity of Najafabad have also joined the strike. Reports from Iran say that at least 30 people have been arrested in Najafabad and the State Security Forces are stationed all across the city in a state of full alert.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 29, 1998

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