Following the clerical regime's explicit admission to terrorist operations
Iranian Resistance Calls on European Union to Impose Sanctions on Mullahs' Regime

Following the brazen acknowledgement by the religious tyranny in Iran that it has carried out terrorist operations against the Iranian Resistance in Iraqi territory, and the regime's intransigent threats in the past few days to launch further terrorist and military attacks, the National Council of Resistance of Iran called on the European Union to condemn the mullahs' regime for its acts of terrorism and crimes against humanity. The NCR also urged the European Union to slam diplomatic and trade sanctions on the mullahs' regime. The Iranian Resistance called on the EU foreign ministers to urgently study this issue in their next meeting.

In a letter to Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, the current chair of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the NCR Foreign Affairs Committee, wrote: "The religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran is taking advantage of some Western countriesŐ pursuit of a policy of appeasement toward Tehran. It has not only unequivocally taken responsibility for all its terrorist activities, but also demanded that the international community approve of these crimes." Copies of Mr. Mohaddessin's letter were sent to the 14 other EU foreign ministers.

On three successive days (Saturday through Monday) the mullahs' Foreign Ministry issued three statements announcing that "the suppression of terrorist elements who attack the people living in the border region and other Iranian nationals through the Iran-Iraq border is the legitimate right of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

In another explicit admission, the state-run radio announced yesterday evening: "All the acts of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1997 against the Monafeqin [Mojahedin], which have been mentioned in the US State Department's annual report, were carried out solely to prevent violent and terrorist moves by the Monafeqin [Mojahedin]."

"The aim of these remarks and propaganda that has continued relentlessly for the past four days, is to prepare the grounds for for more terrorist and military attacks, air and missile raids against the Iranian Resistance's bases and combatants," Mr. Mohaddessin told the British Foreign Secretary.

Referring to the heroic uprising of the people of south-west Tehran against the mullahs' regime on May 4, Mr. Mohaddessin told the EU foreign ministers: "The mullahs' regime is destined to be overthrown. Any investment, political or economic, in this detested regime will yield nothing but defeat.

Mr. Mohaddessin emphasized: "Surrounded by internal crises and unable to counter the growing popular Resistance inside the country, the mullahs' regime has found the only recourse in exporting crisis abroad and launching terrorist and military attacks on the Iranian Resistance.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 6, 1998

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