Maryam Rajavi condemns attack on Iranian surgeons' conference
President-elect deplores mullahs' plan to apply sex segregation to medical profession, calling it "gender apartheid"

Members of the Revolutionary Guards and Ministry of Intelligence (secret police) attacked a gathering of 1,800 Iranian surgeons and medical specialists in Tehran on Monday, May 11, brutally beating a number of physicians, including several women surgeons. and taking them to an unknown location.

The assault on surgeons comes at a time when, during the past few weeks, the mullahs' Majlis (parliament) has been adopting a new misogynic law called "Sex Unification in Medical Facilities Act." This plan would restrict even more the already limited access of Iran's women to medical care and services. There has been widespread opposition to the plan by the country's medical profession.

The Iranian Resistance's President-elect, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, condemned Monday's cowardly assault on the surgeons' conference and expressed her solidarity with Iranian physicians and medial professionals. She described the plan under deliberation in the mullahs' Majlis as "an inhuman plan and a flagrant example of the clerical regime's gender apartheid, with Iranian women being the prime victims."

"The ruling mullahs conduct their misogynic policy of sexual segregation in the name of Islam. This is pure demagogy. Sexual segregation is a product of the backward and anti-human nature of this regime and is in direct contradiction to the exalted teachings of Islam," Mrs. Rajavi said.

Mrs. Rajavi applauded the courageous resistance of Iranian physicians and medical professionals in the face of all types of compulsions and coercion used against them by the mullahs' regime, calling it a symbol of the Iranian people's deeply-rooted resistance, which has never succumbed in two decades of mullahs' tyranny and unlimited crimes.

Mrs. Rajavi vowed to the Iranian medical community that "the dark days of mullahs' rule are numbered; the dawn of freedom in our fettered homeland is not far away."

The Iranian Resistance's President-elect called on all international human rights organizations, medical communities across the world and other relevant international organizations to condemn the clerical regime's anti-human crimes and offer their support and solidarity to Iran's physicians, nurses and medical students.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 13, 1998

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