German Foreign Ministry exposes clerical regime's propaganda misuse of German officials' trip to Tehran

Germany's state radio, Deutsche Welle, quoted a German Foreign Ministry spokesman yesterday as saying that the official Iranian news agency, IRNA, had distorted the remarks of the German Foreign Ministry's deputy director of Middle East department.

IRNA had quoted the German official as saying that the German government, unlike the United States, has never accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of terrorism and that "our presence" in Iran is an indication that the German government is not going to shape the relations between the two countries under the influence of the accusations made by the opponents of these ties.

The German Foreign Ministry spokesman exposed the lies of the regime, saying that Bonn, together with its allies in the European Union, was informed of the verdict of the Mykonos trial with great surprise, as the verdict showed that government agencies of the Islamic Republic of Iran were behind the assassination of dissident and Kurdish politicians in Mykonos restaurant.

Past experience has shown that the mullahs misuse the trips by foreign government officials merely to legitimize their crimes against the Iranian people. The state-run media regularly distort the visiting officials' comments to the regime's advantage. During previous visits to Tehran by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in December 1997 and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson in February 1998, the mullahs' regime distorted their remarks. The official media in Tehran quoted the two dignitaries as saying that the application of human rights must be studied within the context of regional, cultural and religious particularities. This position flagrantly contradicted the most basic principle of human rights, namely its universality. The UN officials later denied both comments.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 14, 1998

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