Rajavi calls for follow up in Mr. Naghdi's assassination, cancellation of Italian Prime Minister's trip to Tehran

On May 11, Italian security police in Rome, interrogated and searched the homes of five Iranian Intelligence Ministry operatives, Mehdi Behrooz, Hamid Pashayeh Amiri, Mahmoud Zamani, Mohammad Kazemi and Behrooz Ghassabian.

The Iranian Resistance has obtained a confidential and reliable report from within the clerical regime which reveals that Tehran's leaders are extremely concerned that their terrorist schemes in Italy would be foiled and links between these individuals and the assassination in Rome on March 16, 1993, of Mohammad Hossein Naghdi, the Representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Italy, would come to light.

Following the Berlin court ruling and restrictions on the activities of the mullahs' regime in Germany, the clerics are using Italy as a spring board for their intelligence and terrorist undertakings abroad.

At least three of those interrogated by the police, Mehdi Behrooz, Hamid Pashayeh Amiri and Mahmoud Zamani, have been linked to the assassination of Mr. Naghdi. Behrooz, 42, has extensive ties with the regime's embassy in Rome and has been assigned by the Intelligence Ministry to the task of making contacts with opponents of the regime to gather intelligence.

Hamid Pashayeh Amiri was identified by one of Mr. Naghdi's drivers to have kept Mr. Naghdi's comings and goings under surveillance. The information was provided to Italian police and judicial officials at the time. Mohamoud Zamani has extensive contacts with other agents of the regime and with fundamentalist Arab circles in Italy. He is also involved extensively in the clerics' fundamentalist activities in that country.

The role of the clerical regime and its diplomat-terrorists in the assassination of Mr. Naghdi and in terrorist activities against Iranian dissidents has failed to dissuade the Italian government from giving concessions to the mullahs. Instead of demanding the extradition of Mr. Naghdi's assassins during his trip to Iran, the Italian Foreign Minister spoke of improvements in the situation in Iran.

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National of Council of Resistance of Iran, again called on the Italian Judiciary to follow up the case of Mr. Naghdi, pursue and prosecute those involved in this crime and close down the regime's representative offices in Italy which share responsibility for that murder.

Mr. Rajavi also called for the cancellation of the scheduled trip to Iran by the Prime Minister of Italy. He stressed that Italy's extensive commercial and political ties with the clerical regime, making it Tehran's biggest trading partner, have only emboldened the mullahs' ruling religious, terrorist dictatorship to expand its terrorist network in Italy.

Secretariat of the National of Council of Resistance of Iran
May 16, 1998

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