US Government decision to waive D'Amato law will embolden mullahs to continue their crimes

At the end of the join summit of the United States and the European Union in London yesterday, it was announced that the US Government has decided not to impose sanctions on the French oil company Total, Malaysia's Petronas and Russia's Gazprom oil companies. All three have invested in the mullahs' oil and gas industry.

Granting such concessions to the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran, particularly at a time when the death knells for the clerics have begun to toll, is reminiscent of the United States' unconditional support for the shah's regime in his last months in power. These concessions will not resolve any of the mullahs' irremediable problems and cannot forestall their inevitable overthrow. The explosive escalation of internal feuding among mullahs' leaders and the spread of social uprisings in different parts of the country have expedited this trend.

While the US State Department's annual report on terrorism, "Patterns of Global Terrorism," has identified the clerical regime as the most active sponsor of terrorism in 1997, and the United Nations Human Rights Commission last month condemned the regime for its systematic and widespread human rights abuses, the mullahs will view the waiver on the D'Amato law as a green light to continue and intensify repression at home and expand their terrorist and fundamentalist activities abroad.

Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Washington, DC
May 19, 1998

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