Khatami: With our body and soul we are proud of the Guards Corps

This morning, the clerical regime's president, Mohammad Khatami, paid a visit to the Guards Corps Ground Forces' Command Headquarters. He underscored the role of the Guard Corps in maintaining the regime in its totality and said it represented the regime's most pious and dedicated forces.

"Today, the government, the Guards Corps and the Armed Forces are alongside one another around the revolution's supreme leader in the path to elevate the revolution, and defend the dignity and independence of the nation," Khatami said. "With our body and soul, we are all proud of the Guards Corps."

Khatami's singing praises for the Guards Corps, the mullahs' main organ of suppression, renders hollow his claims of "freedom and civil society." He has neither the interest nor the power to initiate any reform in this medieval dictatorship.

Similar to his speech yesterday at Tehran University, Khatami's remarks today confirm that the clerical regime only survives on repression and crackdown in the face of the nationwide Resistance and the growing wave of popular uprisings which have tolled its death knells.

Khatami was received by the Guards Corps' Commandant General Rahim Safavi. In a recent meeting of GC commanders, Safavi had warned: "The youth are chanting death to despotism. We must chop off some heads and pluck out some tongues."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 24, 1998

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