Iranian Resistance strongly condemns mullahs' intimidation of Italy

On May 11, Italian security police in Rome interrogated and searched the homes of five Iranian Intelligence Ministry operatives.

Extremely concerned that links between these individuals and the assassination in Rome on March 16, 1993, of Mohammad Hossein Naghdi, the representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Italy, would come to light, on Tuesday, May 26, the mullahs' Foreign Ministry summoned the Italian charge d'affaires in Tehran and protested against actions by the police.

Ms. Mitra Bagheri, NCR's representative in Italy, condemned the Tehran Foreign Ministry's action. She described it as a preemptive move by the mullahs who are trying to intimidate and pressure the Italian government in order to cover up their role in Mr. Naghdi's assassination.

Ms. Bagheri said: The summoning of the Italian charge d'affaires demonstrates that Italy's lenient approach to the mullahs has made them more impudent to continue their policies.

The NCR representative said: The role of the clerical regime and its diplomat-terrorists in the assassination of Mr. Naghdi and in terrorist activities against Iranian dissidents has regrettably failed to dissuade the Italian government from giving political and economic concessions to the mullahs. This has only emboldened the ruling religious, terrorist dictatorship to expand its terrorist network in Italy.

Those interrogated by the police in connection with Mr. Naghdi's assassination are Mehdi Behrooz, Hamid Pashayeh Amiri, Mahmoud Zamani, Mohammad Kazemi and Behrooz Ghassabian.

Ms. Bagheri urged the Italian judiciary to follow up the case of Mr. Naghdi and called for the cancellation of the scheduled trip by the Italian Prime Minister to Iran. She also demanded the closure of the regime's embassy and representative offices in Italy whose main task is to engage in espionage and terrorism.

Representative Office of the National of Council of Resistance of Iran - Italy
May 27, 1998

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