Khamenei: Majlis could be the source of discord and tension in society

On the eve of elections for Speaker and the presiding body of the regime's parliament, scheduled for tomorrow, mullahs' leader Ali Khamenei today summoned the Majlis deputies, again warning them about the need to maintain unity in the face of the danger which threatens "Islamic values."

Praising the current Majlis Speaker Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri, one of the leaders of his faction, Khamenei tried to set the stage for his protege's re-election.

Extremely concerned over the heightening of the internal power struggle that has led to widespread confrontations among rival factions in recent weeks, including those in the Majlis, Khamenei said: "Because the Majlis is under the eyes and scrutiny of the public, it could be the source of discord and tension in society.

Khamenei's remarks come only one day after the Guardians Council Secretary Ahmad Jannati, a Khamenei confidant, referred to the unprecedented escalation of the regime's internal conflicts and warned during Tehran Friday prayers that should the current situation continue, "we will lose whatever we have... We should think hard as to how we can preserve the security of Islam and the present unity."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 30, 1998

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