IRAN: Mullahs use every means to prevent Iranian refugees from attending World Cup matches

The clerical regime has assigned its Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Intelligence to use every available means to prevent Mojahedin supporters and Iranian refugees from attending World Cup games in France.

Hamid Assefi, the mullahs' ambassador to France, and several other Foreign Ministry officials, have held a number of meetings with different French agencies and government departments, including the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A Ministry of Intelligence team has been in France for some time to follow up this issue. Ali Ahani, a Deputy Foreign Minister and former ambassador to France, is in charge of the case in Tehran. He traveled to France a few weeks ago for discussions on this matter with French officials.

Officials in the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Intelligence in Tehran say the French Interior Ministry has promised to cooperate with the mullahs' regime, particularly with the Ministry of Intelligence.

As the Iranian Resistance had announced before, the clerical regime is giving the lion's share of the tickets allocated to Iran by the games' organizing committee to the Revolutionary Guards, Intelligence Ministry agents and certain of its Turkish and Arab fundamentalist agents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 11, 1998

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