Mullahs' bid to blackmail foreign governments into issuing statements against Iranian Resistance

Following the Mojahedin's attacks on three key centers of repression and terrorism in Tehran last week, the clerical regime has ordered its Ministry of Foreign Affairs to use every possible means to induce foreign governments to issue statements against the Iranian Resistance, according to reports from Iran.

The reports quoted a senior Iranian government official as saying that the U.S. State Department's statement against the Mojahedin operations came in response to a request by the clerical regime. The State Department's statement surprised observers and was seen as yet another "goodwill" gesture to the mullahs' terrorist dictatorship.

The clerical regime is also trying to blackmail and exert pressure on European governments to force them to issue statements against the Resistance. The mullahs are using terrorist blackmail tactics as "stick" and lucrative trade deals as "carrot" in their bid to compel various governments to tow the line. In the past two days, the official media in Tehran have been repeatedly demanding the German government to issue a statement against the Iranian Resistance, blatantly reminding Bonn of its huge trade volume with Tehran.

The state radio sharply criticized the European Union yesterday for its "silence on the operations" in Tehran, adding that "Europe's stance on terrorism is ambivalent." By pointedly stating that "terrorism will not be contained with such hypocritical approach," the radio commentary threatened European governments with more terrorist attacks in Europe.

The clerical regime has also been complaining that the British Foreign Office has only sent a message of condolence to the mullahs' embassy in London and refused to issue a formal statement condemning the Iranian Resistance, even though this was the original demand of the clerical regime. The mullahs' regime has also made similar requests from the Japanese and Swedish governments.

Experience has shown that giving in to the mullahs' blackmail will only embolden the clerical regime to continue its repression and executions at home and terrorist activities abroad. The only principled policy is one based on firmness and unequivocal condemnation of this anti-human regime's human rights violations and export of terrorism.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 11, 1998

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