Khamenei expresses alarm over "big enemy outside the border waiting for its chance"

In a speech today in the north Iranian city of Amol, the clerical regime's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, said: "When you have a big enemy outside the border waiting for its chance, you don't preoccupy yourself with small enemies, hypothetical enemies, factional enemies."

Khamenei's reference to "the big enemy outside the border waiting for its chance" was a clear acknowledgment by the regime's highest authority of how effective the Mojahedin operations were against three major centers of repression and terrorism in Tehran last week. His remarks also showed the mullahs' fear of being overthrown by the National Liberation Army of Iran.

The Revolutionary Guards and other forces of the mullahs' regime who were bussed in from different parts of the northern regions of the country, reacted to Khamenei's explicit reference to the Mojahedin and National Liberation Army forces in the Iran-Iraq border region by chanting "Down with Monafeqin (mullahs' term for Mojahedin)."

Khamenei also said: "When the nation knows that the enemy is waiting in the wings, then it will not preoccupy itself with small, day-to-day issues, secondary issues. If there are differences, they are temporarily left aside. But when you forget about the enemy, then small internal issues assume large proportions."

The mullahs' leader thus warned the regime about the aggravating internal crisis which has become uncontrollable and which paves the way for the overthrow of the entire regime by the National Liberation Army.

The Revolutionary Guards and Intelligence Ministry agents have imposed a de facto state of siege on the two cities of Amol and Noshahr on the occasion of Khamenei's trip to the area. Contingents of Guards and elements of the Intelligence Ministry from Tehran have been stationed in the area since last week. The Guards have set up road blocks, increased mobile patrols and conducted house-to-house searches in various neighborhoods in order to terrorize the local population ahead of Khamenei's visit. Many former political prisoners in both cities have been arrested again.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 11, 1998

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