At Lyon's Gerland Stadium, tens of thousands of Iranians hailed Rajavi and chanted "death to Khamenei, death to Khatami"
- NCR President Massoud Rajavi: Iranian people's will to overthrow mullahs and their vote of preference for Resistance's President-elect Maryam Rajavi was thus demonstrated

Tens of thousands of Iranians participating this evening in the Iran-U.S. game at Gerland Stadium in the city of Lyon, France, rose up and sang "O' Iran", the official anthem of the National Council of Resistance, instead of the anthem of the religious dictatorship ruling Iran.

Iranians who convereged on Lyon from Iran and other countries, chanted in unison "death to Khamenei," "death to Khatami," "hail to Rajavi," "we want Iran without the rule of mullahs." They thus expressed their will for the overthrow of the mullahs' medieval dictatorship and establishment of democracy and national sovereignty in Iran.

Iranians also lifted up thousands of portraits of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the Iranian Resistance's President-elect, and the NCR President Massoud Rajavi, and raised banners carrying slogans against the clerical regime.

A few moments ago, Mr. Massoud Rajavi hailed the Iranians who demonstrated today before the world's public, the fury and hatred of the great Iranian nation towards the mullahs' anti-human regime. Such a united expression of feelings in Lyon was but a reflection of the Iranian people's resolve for the overthrow of the mullahs' illegitimate regime and their preference in favor of the regime's democratic alternative, the National Council of Resistance of Iran and its President-elect, Maryam Rajavi.

There are no excuses left for continued diplomatic and economic relations with the mullahs' illegitimate regime, Mr. Rajavi added. He called on the UN Security Council to impose diplomatic and trade embargo on Iran's ruling regime.

Mr. Rajavi said: This extensive show of support which coincides with the escalation of popular uprisings and operations of the Mojahedin inside Iran, and intense infighting among the rival factions within the ruling clique, and brings ever closer the prospect of the clerical regime's overthrow of at the hands of the National Liberation Army.

The French police is savagely attacking the Iranian spectators, but has met with their strong resistance to keep their banners and plackards. The roaring chants of Iranians which began an hour before the game, still continues inside the stadium.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 21, 1998

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