Mullahs demand EU to omit terrorism and human rights from talks agenda

The clerical regime has brazenly demanded that the European Union stop bringing up the issues of human rights and terrorism in bilateral talks. Tehran radio said in its official commentary yesterday: "The repetition of certain allegations and the insistence to maintain certain baseless positions against Iran, such as international terrorism, the path to capitulation (in Middle East peace), and human rights are based on misinformation and the inability to understand the nature of the Islamic regime in Iran. This does not in any way contribute to the enhancement of bilateral ties between Iran and the European Union. The EU had better adopt a new strategy based on reason and refrain from bringing up illogical allegations that have been injected into the bilateral relations between Tehran and the EU by biased parties."

The clerical regime has thus unilaterally eliminated from the agenda of EU-mullahs talks issues that cause the gravest concern on the part of the international community, especially terrorism, Middle East peace and human rights violations. This coincides with the forthcoming visit to Tehran by Italy's Prime Minister Romano Prodi, as the first official visit by the head of a Western government to the mullahs' regime. This proves once again that Western governments' policy of appeasement of the religious, terrorist dictatorship in Iran is counter-productive: it only emboldens the ruling mullahs to continue their brutal repression at home and export of terrorism abroad.

To provide any support for the criminal rulers of Iran in the last stage of their rule would only enrage the Iranian people. A principled policy on Iran must reject appeasement and present a firm stance vis-a-vis the theocratic tyranny ruling the country.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 29, 1998

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