Iranian Resistance condemns foreign investments in clerical regime's oil industry

As a conference organized by the mullahs' regime opens in London today to offer foreign investors a series of contracts in the Iranian oil sector, the National Council of Resistance of Iran declares that the Iranian people strongly condemn any cooperation with the anti-human clerical regime and any investment in the oil industry of this regime. All such investments run counter to the supreme interests of the people of Iran.

Only a week ago, tens of thousands of Iranians in Lyon's stadium chanted "down with Khamenei," "down with Khatami," and "viva Rajavi" before the whole world during the football match between Iran and the United States. They thus demonstrated the will of the Iranian people to topple the mullahs and their support for the Iranian Resistance. Under such circumstances, these deals and contracts with the mullahs' regime are more illegitimate and unjustified than ever and the Iranian people will not regard them as valid in future.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the European Union member states and other Western governments to impose trade and diplomatic sanctions on the mullahs' regime and thus prevent such deals with the theocratic dictatorship in Iran from forming a dark page in the history of their ties with the people of Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 1, 1998

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