Mullahs' regime hangs 15 persons in public

To terrorize and intimidate the public, the mullahs' anti-human regime publicly hanged 15 people on the charge of drug trafficking in the city of Sarakhas in the northeastern province of Khorassan .

In the past, the ruling theocracy has executed many political prisoners and opponents on the pretext of drug smuggling.

This brings to at least 240 the number people hanged in public during Mohammad Khatami's tenure as the mullahs' president.

In recent months, in the course of social uprisings, students' protests and workers' strikes, the clerical regime has made widespread arrests across the country.

The National Council of Resistance draws the attention of international human rights organizations to the appalling human rights situation in Iran and the increase in the number of executions.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 15, 1998

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