Statement No. 2 by the NCR Committee on Counterterrorism
Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania

Information received indicates that the clerical regime hastily recalled three of its diplomat-terrorists to Tehran before the August 7 explosions:

1. Kazem Tabatabai, the ambassador in Kenya was recalled to Tehran on July 18, three weeks before the explosion via an Iran Air flight from Nairobi. Three days prior to his departure, the regime had hastily recalled him to Tehran for a two- month stint.

2. In the same manner, Ahmad Dargahi. the mullahs' cultural attache' in Kenya, left Nairobi for Tehran on July 25.

3. During the same period, Mohammad-Javad Taskhiri, the regime's cultural attache' in Tanzania departed Dar es Salaam for Tehran.

The three diplomat-terrorists had been involved for a long time in planning and preparing for terrorist activities in Iraq, Jordan, Tanzania and Kenya.

They recently had several meetings in Tehran with Kamal Kharrazi, the mullahs' Foreign Minister; Mohammad Sadr, deputy Foreign Minister; and Ghorban Oghli, Director General for the Ministry's African Affairs.

Ghorban Oghli, the mullahs' former ambassador in Algeria, has been heavily involved in organizing the mullahs' extra-territorial terrorist networks.

Committee on Counterterrorism of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 13, 1998

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