Rajavi: Mullahs' regime nearing its end
"Resistance's military operations, consistent with Geneva Conventions, solely target military and armed targets"

In a message to the people of Iran yesterday broadcast by the Resistance's radio and television network across the country, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance and Commander in Chief of the National Liberation Army of Iran, expressed his gratitude for the thousands of congratulatory messages he had received from Iranians in Iran and abroad over the bringing to justice of Assadollah Lajevardi, the "Butcher of Evin." Mr. Rajavi declared Mojahed Ali Akbar Akbari, who was slain under brutal tortures by the Intelligence Ministry, a national hero.

Mr. Rajavi emphasized: The clerical regime is getting closer and closer to the end of its disgraceful rule. The task of the Resistance and the National Liberation Army is to prepare for the overthrow of the anti-human enemy. Providing support for the NLA and joining its ranks are urgent patriotic duties. My fellow Iranians, especially the young people who can bear arms should rush to the NLA bases along the Iran-Iraq frontier to prepare for, and play their part in, the final battle against the mullahs' regime.

NCR President added: Messages by leaders of the triumvirate regime and heads of the Legislature and the Judiciary about the punishment of Lajevardi demonstrate in no uncertain terms that the foundations of this medieval regime rest on torture, suppression and execution. This reality renders hollow any illusion about reform or transformation of this inhuman theocracy. By describing Lajevardi as "a servant of the people," Khatami, who a year ago spoke demagogically of "the rule of law" and "civil society," showed perfectly what he means by "a government that is in the service of the people" and the kind of services his "civil society" offers to people.

Mr. Rajavi added: The Iranian Resistance has time and again challenged the clerical regime -- which claims the near unanimous majority of the Iranian people support it and more than 70% of the people voted for Khatami -- to test its chances against the Iranian Resistance and its President-elect in a free and fair election for president or a constituent assembly -- based on the sovereignty of the people and not on the velayat-e faqih (absolute supremacy of the clerics). The ruling mullahs will never submit to such an election, however.

NCR President reiterated: The military operations of the Iranian people's just and legitimate Resistance, consistent with the Geneva Conventions, solely strike at military and armed targets involved in suppression, torture and execution. Thus, the label of terrorism, used by the mullahs' regime and its backers against this resistance movement, is devoid of any political and legal value.

Mr. Rajavi stressed: In the view of the Iranian people, submitting to the demands of this illegitimate and inhuman regime will embolden it to further crack down at home and export terrorism abroad. Any investment in this moribund regime is doomed to fail. The Iranian Resistance emphatically calls for the expulsion of the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran from the international community. Turning a blind eye on this regime's responsibility and role in terrorist crimes from Argentina to Kenya and Tanzania, and from Lockerbie to Dhahran, has no other meaning other than to encourage the clerics to continue suppression and export of terrorism.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 30, 1998

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