Intelligence Ministry agents murder 24-year-old in heart of Tehran
- Extrajudicial killings, arrests of ex-political prisoners in Iran stepped up

Despite hollow claims by mullahs' President Mohammad Khatami about the "rule of law" and "civil society," the atmosphere of repression and the number of arrests and mysterious killings in Tehran and other cities have dramatically increased since the start of the year.

Monday, August 31, Intelligence Ministry agents in the capital shot to death a 24-year-old man riding a motorcycle near Hafez bridge, across from the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) parking lot. The State Security Force came to scene immediately to disperse the crowd gathering to protest this cold-blooded murder, and took the body unknown location.

This is the fourth extrajudicial killing in recent weeks by the regime's suppressive agents. Intelligence Ministry agents shot and killed a 25-year-old man in Isfahan on Sunday, August 30. Also, in late August, an Iranian engineer who had returned from the United States, was arrested by the State Security Force and several days later, his badly-tortured body was handed over to his family.

Previously, an Iranian residing in France by the name of Jalali, who had received a letter of pardon from the mullahs' embassy in Paris, was arrested by Intelligence Ministry agents at his daughter's wedding ceremony in Tehran several days after his return and murdered under torture.

Recently, the clerical regime arrested many ex-political prisoners in Tehran and other cities. The Intelligence Ministry arrested a group of ex-political prisoners last week in Rasht, capital of the northern province of Gilan. In Orumieh, capital of the northwestern province of West Azerbaijan, Intelligence Ministry agents abducted 42 ex-political prisoners several weeks ago. No information is available on their fate. Qassem Maslakhi, Ibrahim Asgarkhani and Ali Moradi were among those abducted.

The Iranian Resistance urges international human rights organs to condemn the new wave of extrajudicial killings, brutal torture, widespread arrests of ex-political prisoners and a dramatic five-fold rise in general suppression in society compared with last year.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 7, 1998

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