Khatami endorses terrorists and murderers in Intelligence Ministry
Mullahs' President: Anarchy is more damaging than dictatorship

In a meeting on Monday with the Minister of Intelligence and his deputies and advisors, mullahs' President Khatami described the ministry's agents as "valuable assets for the country."

He was heaping praise on the notorious criminals who, while working in different repressive organs in the past 19 years, played a direct role in the execution and torture of 120,000 political prisoners and suppression of popular uprisings and demonstrations.

Intelligence Minister Ghorban-Ali Dorri Najafabadi tacitly acknowledged the death under torture two weeks ago of Mojahedin member Ali Akbar Akbari (aged 20). At least four persons in Tehran and Isfahan have either been shot to death by Intelligence Ministry agents in the streets or killed under torture in its secret detention centers in the past two weeks.

Praising Khomeini in a speech yesterday to a group of the regime's agents in Jamaran, Khomeini's residence, Khatami said demagogically that "freedom without limits causes anarchy in society," and "anarchy... is much more damaging than dictatorship."

On August 23, Khatami also praised Assadollah Lajevardi, Iran's Eichmann, describing him as "a servant of the people." Responsible for murdering tens of thousands of political prisoners, Lajevardi was among key officials carring out Khomeini's orders to massacre 30,000 political prisoners 10 years ago this month.

Khatami's remarks reaffirm that his slogans about the "rule of law" and "civil society" are absolutely hollow and that when it comes to using the most ruthless suppressive methods against the people and dissidents, leaders of the theocratic regime ruling Iran are in no way different from one another and always prefer "dictatorship" to freedom "which causes anarchy."

In another development, in an interview with the daily Kayhan, Guards Corps Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naghdi, the State Security Force's Counter Intelligence chief, acknowledged that secret detention centers run by the Force were set up several years ago by Mohammad Atrianfar, the current chief editor of Hamshahri, the pro-Khatami daily.

In the early 1990s, Atrianfar was deputy for political and security matters to Abdollah Nouri, then Minister of Interior, and played a key role in crushing popular uprisings in Tehran and other cities at that time.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 9, 1998

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