In its third day, strike in Isfahan Bazaar spreads

In its third day, the strike in Isfahan Bazaar spread as many other shopping malls and stores joined the strikers yesterday.

Isfahan's Grand Bazaar was shot down on Tuesday in protest to the clerical regime's suppressive policies and unbearable pressures on petty businesses as most bazaaries did not go to work.

Shop owners in Isfahan's major shopping malls, such as Sepahan and Enqelab as well as Mellat and Goldsmiths' bazaars, four major business centers in the city, joined the strikers on Thursday. Thousands of shops are now closed down.

The situation in Isfahan Bazaar is reported to be tense. Fearing the spread of strike and antigovernment demonstrations, the mullahs' regime has stationed large groups of Revolutionary Guards, Intelligence Ministry agents and club-wielders in different areas of the city.

The economic policies of the ruling medieval regime, especially during Khatami's presidency, have increased unbearable pressures on different sectors of society, especially petty businesses and toiling masses. The mullahs' regime has intensified its extortion of the people to prolong its despicable reign.

In the past 19 years, the ruling mullahs have either wasted the Iranian people national wealth on the unpatriotic war, or spent it on suppression, export of terrorism and stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, or pillaged it outright, bringing the country's economy to the brink of bankruptcy.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 11, 1998

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