Rajavi: Iranian people most definitely will boycott Assembly of Experts elections
Assembly of Experts elections mullahs' biggest internal face-off

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, stated in an interview with Resistance's radio-television network: The Assembly of Experts election sham, most definitely boycotted by the Iranian people, is doubly illegitimate. For the Assembly of Experts is the essence of the ruling theocratic regime, a brazen breach of the right of the Iranian people to sovereignty and in favor of the velayat-e faqih (absolute supremacy of clerical rule)

The NCR President added: This farce lacks of any legal and political value. To take part in it as candidate or as a voter is to cast ballot against the right of the Iranian people to sovereignty and a dagger to, and betrayal of, their aspirations.

Mr. Rajavi described the elections as the biggest face-off between the regime's warring factions after the presidential elections. He said: Since this election is the essence of the state, the clerical regime's raison d'etre depends on it.

This matter has impacted the factional feuding in recent months, Mr. Rajavi added. The trial of the Tehran's mayor and the impeachment of Khatami's Interior Minister were designed by Khamenei's faction to keep its complete dominance over the Assembly of Experts.

The NCR President reiterated: Regardless of the outcome, this election will weaken the regime in its entirety. If the rival faction could find its way into the Assembly, Khamenei's position as the vali-e faqih will be further undermined. If with the help of the Guardians Council, which he dominates, Khamenei were to succeed in eliminating the rival faction's candidates, the regime's internal schism would inevitably grow deeper.

Mr. Rajavi concluded: Whichever way the events turn, the Iranian Resistance will benefit. There is no doubt as to the righteousness, necessity and inevitability of the overthrow of the clerical regime and its factions by the National Liberation Army of Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 15, 1998

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