Mullahs' Majlis speaker call on Revolutionary Guards to take on political role
Toos daily closed down for "actions against national security"

Following Khamenei's ultimatum on Tuesday to reform-seeking tendencies, Majlis Speaker Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri made similar comments in his address to the gathering of the Revolutionary Guards Corps Commanders. He said: "By taking advantage of some domestic groups and currents, and towing the line of those whose dependence [on foreigners] are proven, the enemy has targeted the public's religious beliefs."

Pointing to the vulnerability of the regime, Nateq-Nouri warned that "the enemy's moves are very dangerous."

Referring to the escalation of the regime's internal feuding, mullahs' Majlis Speaker said: "Today, the enemy has mainly targeted the velayat-e faqih (clerical supremacy) and also the organs that operate under [Khamenei's] leadership such as the Guardian Council, the Guards Corps, State radio and television and State Security Force."

Nateq-Nouri called on the Guards Corps to play a greater role in the country's political arena, adding that it must "defend the Islamic revolution and its achievements and confront the enemies' conspiracies."

The Assembly of Experts elections, only a month away, is the biggest political face-off among the regime's warring factions since the presidential elections. To save the velayat-e faqih regime and maintain their control over the Assembly of Experts, Khamenei and his faction have no choice other than relying on the Guards Corps, the main organ of suppression and export of terrorism.

Following Khamenei's speech yesterday, the "Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office" today ordered a ban on the daily Toos until further notice. The offices of the newspaper were locked and chained and three main editors and managers of the daily were detained and transferred to the "Islamic Revolutionary Court."

The daily was closed down and its editors were summoned for "acting against national security and the country's national interests." There are reports that after Khamenei's speech, several other dailies will be closed.

Khamenei's remarks yesterday, the speech by mullahs' Majlis speaker and the closure of Toos, today, once again vindicate the Iranian Resistance's position that the mullahs' velayat-e faqih regime lacks any capacity for reform. Once again, all those who had pinned their hopes on the clerical regime's transformation have been left out in the limbo!

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 16, 1998

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