Iranian Resistance calls on Swedish Foreign Minister to make public information on "terrorist plot against United Nations"

In a letter today to the Swedish Foreign Minister Lena Hjelm Wallen, Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the NCR Foreign Affairs Committee, urged relevant Swedish organs and officials to inform the public of the details concerning the absolutely false allegations of trying to "bomb the United Nations," attributed to the Mojahedin by a number of Swedish news media. Mr. Mohaddessin said such measure would prevent provision of propaganda and political fodder to the mullahs and deprive them of any pretext to engage in terrorist activities.

Mr. Mohaddessin stressed: "The source of reports about such bogus schemes and 'suspects' is the Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry. Previously, on September 18, the state-run daily Jomhouri Islami had claimed that the Mojahedin were 'planning to assassinate' Khatami 'during his trip to the United Nations headquarters in New York.'"

He added: "By such ridiculous fabrications, the mullahs' Intelligence Ministry solely pursues to cover up the regime’s setbacks in the international arena. This is particularly the case because a statement on September 16 by a majority of 220 members in the United States House of Representatives denounced the inclusion of the Mojahedin in the list of foreign terrorist groups by the U.S. State Department and described the action as contradictory to the spirit of the U.S. anti-terrorism law. This declaration undermined much of the foreign policy calculations by Khatami and his Foreign Minister over the past year."

"Simultaneous with Khatami's speech at the United Nations, 10,000 Iranians residing in the United States held an elaborate demonstration in New York, further disgracing the Iranian regime in the international arena. Chanting 'down with Khamenei, down with Khatami, hail to Rajavi' and 'expel this terrorist regime from the U.N.' the Iranian protesters brought about another disgrace for the mullahs," Mohaddessin stressed.

NCR's Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman reaffirmed: "None of the alleged schemes reported by the Swedish media is true and no member of the Mojahedin or any one affiliated with the organization was involved in such activities. According to repeated instructions by the Iranian Resistance's Leader Massoud Rajavi, the activities of offices and sympathizers of the National Council of Resistance and Mojahedin in foreign countries are purely political and consistent with the laws and regulations in those countries."

Mr. Mohaddessin added: "It is only natural that victims of the mullahs' suppression, one or more of whose family members are among the 120,000 executed political prisoners, would seek to engage in peaceful protestations to demonstrate to the representatives of UN member states the illegitimacy of Khatami who shares responsibility in all of the regime's crimes against humanity. Labeling such a legitimate protest as terrorism is nothing but giving in to the blackmail of the blood-thirsty and terrorist rulers of Iran."

Emphasizing that such allegations against the Iranian Resistance paves the way for the Iranian regime to launch terrorist operations against the Resistance's activists on Swedish soil, Mohaddessin reminded Sweden's Foreign Minister that "the Iranian Resistance holds the government of Sweden responsible for the safety and well-being of its representatives, members and sympathizers in the face of mullahs' terrorist attacks in that country.

Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Nordic Countries
September 29, 1998

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