Main pro-Khamenei faction reiterates fatwa cannot be revoked

Habibollah Asgaroladi, Secretary General of the Allied Islamic Associations, the main faction supporting mullahs' Leader Ali Khamenei, stressed on Wednesday that "the Imam [Khomeini's] fatwa on Rushdie cannot be rescinded."

He added: "The recent positions by the Islamic Republic's Foreign Ministry does not in any way differ from the past. Those in charge of the state's foreign diplomacy had previously taken similar positions. The fatwa, therefore, remains in force and nothing has changed."

A number of "Islamic Associations" affiliated with this factions have issued similar statements underscoring the need to carry out the fatwa to murder Rushdie.

The daily Jomhouri Islami wrote the same day in yet another editorial: "Britain's making propaganda use of the Tehran-London agreement to elevate political ties to ambassadorial level once again laid bare the true nature of the sinister British.

The daily added: "Our policy makers and decision-making centers must learn the vital lesson that under no circumstances are the sinister British worthy of our trust let alone our gestures of goodwill."

The emphasis by the mullahs' Foreign Ministry, the media and the ruling factions that the fatwa cannot be revoked demonstrates that the ruling theocratic regime will never abandon export of terrorism, especially the implementation of the criminal fatwa to murder Rushdie.

What British officials offer as guarantees that the fatwa will not be carried out is simply a justification to legitimize the deal they have struck with the mullahs. It is indeed a dirty deal designed to make up for Britain falling behind in trade ties with the Iranian regime.

Britain's recent positions only embolden the mullahs to continue their domestic suppression and export of terrorism.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 2, 1998

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