Rajavi: Khamenei and Rafsanjani demonstrate fear of overthrow, strike ill-fated deal to preserve regime

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, described yesterday's remarks by Khamenei assailing pro-Khatami press as an indication of the gravity of the regime's internal situation. Khamenei said: "Any action which would undermine the foundations of the state in people's minds is a conspiracy, treason and attempt to overthrow."

Mr. Rajavi said: This week, eight cabinet ministers have been summoned to the Majlis to answer questions by the deputies. Two ministers face the prospects of being impeached and the head of the Budget and Planning Organization said the economy was bankrupted. These developments show the dimensions of the crisis which will inevitably lead to the overthrow of the mullahs' regime in its entirety.

The NCR President added: Several days ago, Rafsanjani described the Assembly of Experts as the regime's "most pivotal institution" and the vali-e faqih (Supreme Leader) "as the axis which upholds the state." He also declared full-fledged support for Khamenei on the eve of the elections for the Assembly of Experts. This indicates that Khamenei and Rafsanjani are both terrified of the regime's overthrow and have thus struck a deal to confront Khatami's faction in order to preserve the regime's existence. If their plans are not disrupted, Rafsanjani will head the Assembly of Experts and solidify his position as the clerical regime's no. 2 man. Khamenei's reliance on Rafsanjani's support prompted him to eliminate virtually all of pro-Khatami candidates, particularly Mohammad Moussavi Khoe'iniha and Abdollah Nouri, the former Interior Minister.

Mr. Rajavi reiterated: Despite eliminating the rival faction's candidates, Khamenei warned in his speech yesterday that all the regime's internal factions must participate in the elections. For this reason he stressed that "a lively election" will "immediately and concretely" guarantee the regime's survival.

The NCR President concluded that Khamenei's warnings about "masked enemies and monafeqin [Mojahedin]" and the wave of arrests, particularly in the universities, will lead to nowhere as the theocratic regime ruling Iran will soon be toppled.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 8, 1998

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