European Parliament adopts resolution condemning violations of human rights and rising number of executions in Iran under Khatami
- EP expressed concern over death under torture of Mojahedin member, Ali Akbar Akbari

In its session today in Strasbourg, the European Parliament issued a resolution condemning the rising number of executions, deaths under torture, and the execution of religious minorities in Iran during the tenure of Mohammad Khatami, the mullahs' President. The EP expressed concern that the Iranian regime "has not allowed the UN Special representative to visit the country."

The EP resolution expressed concern over "the continuing cruel, inhumane and degrading punishments and deaths under torture as in the case of Mr. Ali Akbar Akbari," member of the Mojahedin.

The resolution called on "the authorities in Iran not to carry out any death sentence" and urged "the [European] Council and the Commission to put pressure on the Iranian Government with a view to prevent any further executions."

The European Parliament's adoption of this resolution shows that as far as human rights of the Iranian people are concerned the leaders of Iran's ruling regime are not different from one another. During Khatami's tenure, at least 260 persons have been hanged in public and seven, including four women, have been stoned to death.

The EP's condemnation of human rights abuses in Iran further necessitates the adoption of a strong resolution against Iran's ruling religious dictatorship by the UN General Assembly which is presently in session in New York.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 8, 1998

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