NCR condemns British government's restrictions on Iranian charity as appeasing Tehran mullahs

NCR Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Mohammad Mohaddessin condemned exertion of pressure on, and unwarranted closure of, an Iranian charity in Britain. He described the action as part and parcel of a shameful deal with the medieval dictatorship ruling I ran.

Reports say that exerting pressure on "Iran Aid" began simultaneous with the expansion of diplomatic and commercial ties between Britain and the clerical regime several months ago. "Iran Aid" charity work was virtually terminated. Several days ago, when i nvestigations by relevant organs did not turn up any documents to prove the utterly false allegations against Iran Aid, the directive to occupy the offices of Iran Aid was issued.

Subsequently, a group of Iran Aid volunteers and supporters and a number of British citizens staged a sit-in in Iran AidŐs main office to declare their support for the foundation.

NCR's Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman stressed that in the past several months, the closure of Iran Aid has put those receiving assistance, all of whom are children and relatives of those executed by the mullahs' regime, in a precarious situation so fa r as their living conditions and security are concerned. He said that the responsibility for this human tragedy rests fully with the British government which has trampled upon all human rights principles.

One day before the activities of Iran Aid were suspended, Derek Fatchett, Deputy Foreign Secretary, told IRNA on July 22 that "there is a great deal of interest within Britain's business community to expand cooperation with Iranian firms and specifically at a time when Iran is considering ways to attract foreign investment. This trend will benefit both sides." In the same interview, on behalf of the British government, he condemned Mojahedin's operations.

In a report on August 15 on the visit to Britain by a regime's diplomat-terrorist, Ali Ahani, Deutsche Welle radio quoted an Iranian regime's official as saying: "The possibility for elevating ties between the two countries to ambassadorial level is more likely than ever before in view of Britain's recent actions including preventing the activities of those affiliated with the Mojahedin."

The August 25 position by the Foreign Office in condemning the punishment of Assadollah Lajevardi, the clerical regime's Adolf Eichmann, condemning Mojahedin's operations inside Iran by Robin Cook on September 24 in New York when meeting Kharrazi, and a r epeat of this condemnation by another Deputy Foreign Secretary at the House of Lords, just five days before the order to occupy Iran Aid's offices reveal the dimensions of this shameful deal.

Underscoring that these policies were reminiscent of the Labor government's unconditional support for the shah's regime in its last months, NCR's Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman called on all political, social and religious figures, parliamentarians, h uman rights organizations and charity foundations in Britain not to remain silent in the face of the disgraceful conduct of the Foreign Office.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 29, 1998

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