Tehran's secret police working to close down an Iranian charity in Britain

Simultaneous with shameful dealings between the clerical regime and the British government to exert pressure on supporters of the Iranian Resistance and Iranian refugees, the mullahs' Ministry of Intelligence has assigned a number of its agents in Europe to the task of facilitating the closure of Iran Aid, an Iranian charity foundation, NCR's Committee on Counterterrorism reported.

Sa'eid Shahsavandi, a torturer in Evin prison, is one of these agents.

The Charity Commission's officials had previously asserted that Iran Aid's activities were halted based on information offered by two former volunteers of the foundation. It now becomes clear that the clerical regime's Intelligence Ministry agents have been the source of information for the Charity Commission.

Shahsavandi surrendered to Khomeini's revolutionary Guards Corps in 1988. For three years, 1988-91, he cooperated closely with Assadollah Lajevardi, the Butcher of Evin, and was directly involved in the arrest, torture and execution of a large number of Mojahedin members and delivered the coup de grace to the victims. The Intelligence Ministry dispatched him to Europe in Spring 1991 to engage in anti-Mojahedin activities.

Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - London
November 9, 1998

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