Rajavi warns against mullahs' abuse of symposium at Human Rights Center

In a letter to the UN Secretary General, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, Leader of the Iranian Resistance, warned against the clerical regime's taking advantage of the symposium called, "Enriching the universality of Human Rights: Islamic perspectives on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ," held in Geneva today. He added: Iran's ruling mullahs will take advantage of such symposium to deny the universality of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and justify its anti-human crimes under the banner of Islam.

A copy of this letter was addressed to Ms. Mary Robinson, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The Iranian Resistance leader enumerated some of the anti-human crimes of mullahs, including executions, torture, and imprisonment of 500,000 persons under the name of Islam, and called the Khomeini regime, the greatest enemy of Islam and its Prophet. He said: In the history of Islam, no regime has betrayed and distorted the humanistic and liberating foundations and precepts of Islam as Khomeini and his heirs.

Citing verses from the Quran and the conduct and the sayings of Prophet Mohammad and Imam Ali (the first Shiite Imam), Mr. Rajavi emphasized: Neither the mullahs' conduct nor their viewpoints have anything to do with Islam. Accepting any duality propagated by the clerics as regards the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an affront to the genuine values of Islam and to the history of this great religion and to all those people who look at Islam as a way of life, peace, liberty and emancipation.

Mr. Rajavi pointed out that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the outcome of the struggles by billions of people in the past millennia against oppression and injustice, with hundreds of millions of people losing their lives due to wars, oppression and massacres to enable humanity to attain this level of progress and civilization. "History will never forget negotiating over the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with mullahs whose crimes against humanity is nothing less than those convicted during the Nuremberg trials," he added.

The NCR President described the Velayat-e Faqih regime as the primary violator of fundamental principles of human rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in recent decades and reiterated: This regime does not have any rights whatsoever to speak in the name of Iran, Islam or human rights... Inviting them to the Center for Human Rights runs counter to the highest interests of the Iranian people and will only embolden the clerics in the last phase of their rule to engage in greater suppression at home and export of terrorism abroad."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 9, 1998

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