Majority of Luxembourg MPs condemn continued human rights abuses in Iran, declare support for National Council of Resistance of Iran

More than 90% of the members of the Parliament of Luxembourg condemned continued violations of human rights in Iran during Mohammad Khatami's tenure as president, and the clerical regime's support for international terrorism, announced Mr. Willy Bourg, member of the Parliament of Luxembourg, in a statement issued to the press today. The MPs declared support for the National Council of Resistance, describing it as the "only democratic alternative" for the mullahs' inhuman regime.

Fifty-six out of the 60 members of the Parliament of Luxembourg, including the speaker of the Parliament, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and party faction leaders in the parliament signed the declaration. The statement reads in part: "Since President Khatami came to power last year, a reported 260 people have been hanged and seven stoned to death. Amnesty International's annual report in June said: 'Judicial punishments amounting to torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment, including flogging and stoning, continue to be imposed.' "

In another part of the declaration, Luxembourg's MPs say: "Against this background, the Iranian people have the right to resist the ruling theocracy under the provision of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

The signatories emphasized the need to adopt a decisive policy against the mullahs' regime. They stressed: "It is not the right time for us to seek improved bilateral relations or continue our extensive ties with the regime."

"There should be no talk of any trade concessions, credits or loans to a regime which is incapable of change" and "brutally denies basic rights and democratic representation," the MPs added. The elected representatives of the people of Luxembourg urged the current session of the United Nations General Assembly to vote for a resolution condemning violation of the most fundamental human rights of the people of Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 7, 1998

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