Khatami's Interior Ministry tries to conceal identity of murderers of Forouhar
- Iranian Resistance calls for dispatch of international fact-finding team to Iran

Gholam Hossein Bolandian, Khatami's deputy Interior Minister, described the murders of Forouhar and his wife as "a move to create crises for the state, [prepare the grounds] for political exploitation by opponents, and enable foreign radio stations and so-called human rights organizations to wage a propaganda campaign."

The Interior Ministry's deputy for state security and disciplinary affairs said that "the consecutive killings of Christian priests by the Mojahedin" was "another example of the opponents' crisis-making to undermine the state."

These remarks by Bolandian, one of the most senior officials in charge of repression for years, indicate that the regime's officials including Khatami, have decided to conceal the true identities of the murderers of Forouhar, particularly since this case has become so scandalous that even a number of the state-controlled dailies have blamed different factions of the mullahs' regime for the murders.

Bolandian's statements show clearly that despite its promises to find the murderers of Forouhar, the Interior Ministry is making up a false scenario to attribute this murder to persons who "intend to create crises for the state" and close the case. Repeating the absolutely false claim that the Mojahedin murdered three Christian priests in 1994, is a prelude to such a scheme.

The regime's absurd lies about the murders of Christian priests did not beguile anyone in Iran and abroad. Many human rights organizations and forums, including the UN Human Rights Commission's Special Rapporteur on Religious Intolerance and the British Parliamentary Human Rights Group, investigated this case at the time and announced that the clerical regime itself had committed the heinous murders.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran again calls on international human rights organizations to dispatch an international delegation to investigate the murders of Forouhar and his wife as well as the fate of those who have disappeared over the past weeks.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 8, 1998

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